Biking in Holland and Belgium

This is a trip that I took in 2001, beginning at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, following the coast of Holland south and crossing into Belgium. East across Belgium through Bruges and Ghent, and then north back through Holland. There are nine chapters here with detailed description and lots of pictures.

(Note: There is a description of a newer trip, done in 2011, entitled "A circular bike tour of Holland" on this web site. For anyone planning a cycling trip to Holland, I summarized my basic learnings from both of these trips here: Things you might want to know about cycling in Holland.)

Schiphol Airport to Haarlem

A short trip after the plane ride from New Jersey. Trouble with my bike, and the first taste on this trip of lovely canals.

Haarlem to Delft

The rain begins. Along a bike path down the coast, more trouble with my bike, and the charm of Delft.

Delft to Goedereede

Following a canal in heavy rain and strong wind in my face. Arriving at a small hotel that charged almost nothing, but was unexpectedly nice.

Goedereede to Middelburg

Across the Delta Project span -- seven miles against daunting winds traversing this engineering achievement.

Middelburg to Bruges

A ferry across the channel and a beautiful ride along a canal south to Bruges. Raining, of course.

Rest day in Bruges

Seeing the sights of Bruges as a tourist.

Bruges to Ghent

Following another canal in the rain. Being mystified in historic Ghent by the monstrous hanging basket tourist attraction.

Ghent to Antwerp

How does one cross the river to Antwerp on a bike? There's a secret.

Antwerp to Breda

Getting lost on a bike is frustrating, but I eventually reach the end of the trip.