Biking in France

This is a trip I took in 2002, starting in Dinan in Brittany and biking northeast along the coast through Mont-St-Michel, across the Cotentin penninsula and the D-Day invasion beaches in Normandy, ending in Honfleur. There are nine pages here, each with about a dozen pictures and detailed description.

Arriving in Dinan

Taking the train from Brussels to Paris to Dinan. A complicated trip.

Exploring Dinan

The bikes are delivered in Dinan. We spend the day exploring the city on a beautiful day.

Biking from Dinan to St. Malo

A pleasant country road takes us north along the river Rance and across a bridge to St. Malo. We walk along the walls of the old city and enjoy the ambiance of the town.

Biking from St. Malo to Mont-St-Michel

Along the bay and across farm roads with the abbey of Mont-St-Michel in the distance. We walk up to the abbey and watch the tide come in.

Biking from Mont-St-Michel to Granville

Some tricky and errant navigation as we bend around the bay and head north along the coast of the penninsula. We encounter some tiring hills and are surprised at how spectacular the town of Granville is.

Biking from Granville to Carentan

A long day, first biking rural roads, then highways with big hills, and finally farm roads into the non-tourist town of Carentan.

Biking from Carentan to Arromanches

Along the D-Day invasion beaches -- Pointe du Hoc, where the rangers scaled the cliffs, the American cemetery, and finally the museum in Arromanches.

Biking from Arromanches to Cabourg

Climbing a big hill and coasting down to resort towns along the sea. Crossing the Pegasus Bridge and visiting the museum there, and ending in the staid resort of Cabourg

Biking from Cabourg to Honfleur

Unexpected hills and resorts like Deauville that blurred together along the sea. Exploring artistic Honfleur and ending with a train back to Paris.